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Meet Meg

Childhood cancer (Leukemia) survivor

Submitted by mom, Cristy:

I'm going Gold in September to honor my daughter, Meg, who is a cancer survivor! Meg was in treatment from 2015-2018 for Leukemia. She faced many complications during her chemotherapy treatment. From fungal meningitis, to pancreatitis, to steroid-induced diabetes, and even appendicitis - if it was a weird side-effect of treatment, she seemed to get it.

Meg was known as the Mayor of the oncology floor at INOVA Fairfax hospital. She was always social, getting to know the other patients, the nurses, techs, and all of the doctors and they became part of her family. As a way to give back to all of the people who supported her while she was sick, Meg started “Meg’s Giveback,” an ACCO Founding Hope fund. Meg raises money to help bring a little bit of childhood back to the children in treatment for cancer. We are and will always be so very proud of her. #Team_Meg

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