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In Memory of Rowan

age 4 | diagnosed with Acute Megakaryocytic Leukemia (AMKL)

Submitted by mom, Mandy:

On Sunday, September 15, 2019, our hearts forever shattered into a million pieces. Our beautiful, spunky, smiley, tenacious 4-year-old daughter passed away despite our family’s and doctors’ best efforts. We ran out of options; we ran out of time. Now, with our motto through all of Rowan’s treatment, “one step at a time”, we pick ourselves back up and Row On to find a cure for Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

Rowan was diagnosed on October 4, 2018 with a rare form of Leukemia, AML M7, also known as Acute Megakaryocytic Leukemia (AMKL). Rowan faced this journey against childhood cancer with dignity, grace, spunk, tenacity, and the most precious smile on her face. She danced her way through treatments and when the days got rough, we just took it “one step at a time” putting one foot in front of the other. Row Row left her doctors, nurses, and all who loved her in awe of her fighting and loving spirit. After 2 intense rounds of chemotherapy, our family relocated to another state. Rowan received chemo and total body radiation therapy and then a successful cord blood transplant in January of 2019. We were announced Cancer Free on May 15, 2019 only to relapse on June 15, 2019. Our family relocated 2 more times to try to find a treatment that would allow for another bone marrow transplant.

Unfortunately, after 2 failed clinical trials, Rowan passed away. Rowan left a lasting impression on all she met. She loved swimming, Barbies, horses, Peppa Pig, chocolate sprinkled cupcakes and doughnuts, the color black, music, head banging to Pantera, but most of all, she loved her big sister, Emory. Rowan’s smile and spirit touched your soul, and the light she left will Ever Glow. She has inspired us to DO MORE. We want people to know that kids get cancer and that funding for research is critical to their survival. So in honor of Rowan and all the childhood cancer friends we have made along this journey, we are lighting up Gold for September.

Submitted by grandmother, Nancy:

In honor and Memories of our 4.5 year old Precious Granddaughter Rowan Price. She fought AML-M7 for 11 months with Chemo, full body radiation and stem cell transplant. She was cancer free for one month and the AML-M7 came back. Rowan was in 4 different hospitals during this fight. Rowan was a fighter, loved to dance, playing Barbies, painting, having tea parties with her sister & BBF Emory. On September 15, 2019 Rowan passed away at CHOP children’s hospital in Philadelphia. Rowan and many other children deserved more!!

Submitted by Kay:

In memory of Rowan Price......forever four.....never forgotten.

Submitted by aunt, Jennifer:

My niece, Rowan Price passed away on September 15, 2019 after fighting AML M7. I miss so much every day. She was only 4 years old. She was full of life and smiled all the time until the very end.

Submitted by Kristie:

I am lighting up for Rowan Price! In memory of her short 4 years of life.

Submitted by Wendy:

For sweet Rowan…. Her light still shines bright on all who knew her!

Submitted by Allison:

Submitted by Sharon:

I just want to support the Price family and help raise awareness of childhood cancer. Rowan was such a fighter and we need to keep her memory alive.

Submitted by Terry:

Rowan and all of the children and parents that have to fight this fight!

Submitted by Sandy:

Our family is lighting up for Rowan Price 🧡🎗️

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